Do you feel at home, in your own home?
When you’re a professional interior designer, like me, people love to ask my opinion about the latest trends in design and how they can refresh their home’s look. 

But, there is so much more to a well designed home than paint colors, accent chairs, and fixtures.
How your home feels will have a direct correlation with how your mind and body feel.
Your home should support you, allow fluid movement between rooms, and provide the ultimate respite from the world. 
Wouldn’t you love to wake up feeling inspired every day?
If you want to be your most effective self in business and in life, it’s time to turn your focus toward your home.
My free Home Design Blueprint will show you how to start simply, you’d be surprised what a few intentional changes can bring. 
In this workbook, you’ll discover:
  • My top three tips to quickly execute major change in the feel of your home
  • The Four Zones that allow you to utilize your spaces most effectively for your needs right now
  • How to implement these elements to maximize your home’s performance
Are you ready to have fun creating a functional and uplifting home?
Tobi Fairley
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